3 Timeless Elements of Web Design

Have you ever been on a website that contains the information you are looking for, but simply cannot find it. When you locate the companies website and use a service you would like but cannot figure out how to sign up or schedule a time. People use the web for convenience, so if a website is hard to navigate, they will just find what they are looking for somewhere else. The world wide web has evolved a lot since its creation, and will continue to do so based on the most popular ways of accessing it, which currently is through mobile devices. There are many things to consider when creating a website. Your design should be well planned and you should constantly be considering the perspective of the consumer. There are three important elements that are necessary for all types of websites; navigation, design and audience. Without careful planning of these elements it will be hard to create and maintain a successful website.

Website navigation is a staple of the internet. The most common place is the top or left side of each and every page. It is also important that there is consistency in all of the webpages. The navigation should be the same on each and every page. Since english readers start at the top left of a page the eye is almost immediately drawn there. For that reason it is a good place to have the navigation there. You should also be able to go from any page back to the homepage. Always assume that people will hit the wrong button or maybe want to go back and review what they have already seen. There has been times where I simply refused to continue to use a website because I couldn’t find a way back to the home page, or another page that I was previously viewing.

One of the most effective ways to create unity in a website is with a consistent color scheme that is appropriate for the content. A carefully planned design should not only be attractive to the target audience, but still have the usability necessary to keep consumers coming back, and recommending the site to their peers. In recent years there was a push for fancy design and videos to impress and entertain the consumers visiting the page. With the dramatic increase in mobile being the primary device used to view the internet, every website should be mobile responsive and your design should take that into consideration. In order to create a website that is flexible a simple design can be more beneficial and can render faster especially on mobile devices that may not have an excellent connection or a fast processor to load high volume sites. If your pages do not render quickly, your consumer is very likely going to try to find their needs elsewhere.

If you are not able to consider the perspective of the consumers that will be using or visiting the website, you are far less likely to be successful. Every website should understand the target audience that will be most likely to look for the content, service or products that are available on your site. Every part of your design should reflect and relate to the target audience that you predict will be visiting your website. Keeping your website consistent and not changing things if they’re working are important things to keep in mind. If you move something on your website that your audience had begun to come accustomed to it can have a negative result on the traffic to your site.

In order to keep a consumer on your website and ultimately direct more to your website. It is important that the navigation of your site is usable and effective. Placing it in the most common place is a good way to start, in the top left of the page and make it consistent throughout the entire website. Having a design that is both pleasing to view and still has effective content is equally important. In this time having less is more, since there is such an increase in mobile devices being the tool to connect to the web. Having a way to track the activity on your website can be very helpful. Knowing your audience and what they consider a strength or weakness is very beneficial. If your website is primarily for an older audience a more simple and transparent design will be more effective. If your target audience is a younger crowd a more elaborate and colorful design will be more effective. If you focus on these three elements when designing website, you are far more likely to have success in your goal and keep a high volume of traffic.